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J-Source provides not only your classic ‘executive search’, but also search services for the hardest to fill roles in the market. We have an excellent and referenceable record of filling unusual and difficult roles, made possible by our deep understanding of the local market and culture. We welcome working with new market entrants and established firms alike. In particular, we welcome companies who want to make a meaningful and positive change in Japan.

About J-Source

J-Source is a Japan-based and Japan-specialized executive search and recruiting company, focused on the search and recruitment of Japanese and English speaking talent — primarily Japanese nationals. We take pride in performing unconventional searches for those hard to find and unique roles that require actual search and a quick understanding of how your business works. In addition to our tailored solutions for executive search, we also advise on compensation schemes and facilitate cross-cultural training. More than anything, when you think of Japan, we want you to think of J-Source. Learn more about J-Source.

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